Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 was one of the most wanted game in 2013. It is a RTS game with a multiplayer component pretty much similar with the Company of Heroes launched in 2006. This game has been produced by Relic Entertainment, a gaming studio known for its good strategy games like Homeworld, Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War and of course, the first Company of Heroes- download and install it.

The campaign of the game is organized on missions that actually represent memories of a Russian lieutenant, who tell his war experience during an interrogation that takes place in a Gulag. His name is Lev Abramovich Isakovich and he declares his discontent about the Russian army was led during the war. The game places a particular emphasis on 277 military order that punished hard every soldier that retracts without reason.

Company of Heroes 2 has new scenes included, yet the game play isn’t so different from the previous game. There are two additions that really need to be mentioned: ColdTech and TrueSight.

ColdTech may be the most interesting add-on of the game because it includes many new landscapes and territories to be explored, new missions and various new skills- find new options.

TrueSight is one advanced line of sight. In this game the army isn’t displayed any more on a circle, here you can see the action of the game through the army eyes.

Another thing different and interesting about this game is the fact that now you don’t have anymore the option to choose the campaign that you want to lead and the commander. In this game the skills will be unlocked in a linear way while the player gathers points and finish the missions. Plus, now some commanders can be now purchased with real money using the Steam system- discover best news.

The single player campaign is pretty simple and limited, so I strongly recommend the multiplayer game play. The graphic of the game is pretty good, but the strongest aspect of the game is most definitely the sound that really gives you the impression that you are in a war zone.

In big lines, this is a good game to play especially if you choose the multiplayer game play. Have fun!

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